To explore the objectives and efficacy of what we do here at Essentic, have a browse of the views and evidence from professionals in the field. 


  Alive at Work 

Helping newcomers integrate into a workplace

Daniel M. Cable, London Business School (2013)

Reinventing employee onboarding

Daniel M. Cable, Francesca Gino and Bradley R. Staats
MIT Sloan Management Review (2013)

Breaking them in or eliciting their best?
Reframing socialization around newcomers’
authentic self-expression

Daniel M. Cable, Francesca Gino and Bradley R. Staats
Administrative Science Quarterly (2013)

Job titles as identity badges: how self-reflective titles can reduce emotional exhaustion

Adam Grant, Justin Berg & Daniel M. Cable
Academy of Management Journal (2014)

Striving for self verification during organizational entry

Daniel M. Cable & Virginia Kay
Academy of Management Journal (2012)

The value of value congruence

Jeffrey Edwards & Daniel M. Cable
Journal of Applied Psychology (2009)

Composing the reflected best-self portrait: Building pathways for becoming extraordinary in work organizations

L.M. Roberts, J.E. Dutton, G.M. Spreitzer, E.D. Heaphy, & R.E. Quinn

Academy of Management Review (2005)

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