Invest in yourself and your future with The Positive Method

Essentic’s Positive Method is a powerful experience that combines our strengths-based development tool Point Positive with a Journey of Transformation that will give you the evidence and confidence to become exceptional. 

Your journey starts with Point Positive

Point Positive is a bold, new way to look at personal strengths. It helps you achieve a greater understanding of your distinctive strengths and the impact you have on your network when using those strengths. Built on concrete research and evidence, Point Positive is based on a collection of stories gathered from colleagues, friends and loved ones about you when you are at your best. It is this human touch is what makes Point Positive unique.

The internet is full of machine-based assessments claiming to identify personal and professional strengths — but fitting people into a set of pre-determined or universal strength boxes can never provide real life insights; nor can it deliver the emotional jolt of a written story or video message. That's why we put PEOPLE at the heart of Point Positive. 

As clever as technology is, it can never replicate what the people closest to you know or feel about you. Point Positive weaves together stories from your past to create an invaluable guide to your future.

Your Point Positive experience includes:

  • The full Point Positive experience conducted through our online platform
  • A guided analysis of your Point Positive report for you to keep
  • A 1-to-1 report debrief session with a certified Essentic coach online
  • Your Impact Strengths Inventory exercise
  • Your Impact Strengths Statement exercise 

Your journey continues, helping you transform your work and personal life

Building on your Point Positive report, the Journey of Transformation empowers you to leverage your impact strengths and put them into practice more often, and maximise your potential. Transformation is a series of modules that deepen your understanding of who you are when you’re at your best, and give you a unique competitive advantage in today's changing workplace. 

Research has shown that Point Positive:

  • activates positive emotions which is energising and improves performance
  • increases innovation, experimentation and creativity
  • activates your seeking system and makes people more powerful and purposeful
  • improves wellbeing and stress resilience
  • helps individuals align personal and professional purpose and fulfilment

Knowing your strengths is useful. Knowing exactly how you’re exceptional is powerful.

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