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Now more than ever, organisations need employees’ engagement, creativity and innovation. Organisations are facing the highest levels of change and competition ever and the pace of change is increasing each year. At a time when organisations need engaged employees in order to survive, adapt, and grow, research has found that an alarming majority of the workforce is disengaged and unmotivated. 

Conceived and developed by Essentic, The Positive Method™ is a process developed to help organisations build a work culture that promotes strengths-based leadership and personal fulfilment - where staff can be their best selves and flourish; where inspired creatitivy, improved resilience under pressure and increased employee engagement and retention are common place.

Simply put, we help your organisation release uptapped potential by giving your people the evidence and confidence to use their impact strengths, every day.

Our aim is 'Powerful people delivered.'

There are four stages in The Positive Method:

The Positive Method can be run as a unique programme or enhance an organisational development initiative.

Through The Positive Method, business leaders gain a better understanding of their valued impact strengths. Leveraging those strengths, and helping others to do so, unleashes untapped potential and enables organisations to offer truly personalised fulfillment in the workplace.

Point Positive  

Point Positive helps participants realise their potential by activating their best selves. Grounded in positive psychology, participants receive feedback from their personal and professional networks about  their valued impact strengths at times when they were at their best. The stories highlight moments when the participant made distinct and extraordinary contributions, by using their unique strengths. In addition to helping identify their strengths, receiving this series of stories gives an ‘appreciation jolt’ that allows them to see the impact they are having on others. 

Integral to The Positive Method are group and individual debriefs. The debriefs facilitate the participant’s transition from the very emotional experience of the appreciation jolt to the cognitive evaluation and analysis of their impact strengths and ‘best self’ stories.

Group workshop 

The group debrief is highly interactive and features tools and methodologies that are rooted in positive leadership. Participants gain insights into their valued strengths and impact on others, and learn how to activate their seeking systems, leading to greater engagement and sense of purpose.

1-to-1 report debrief

Participants explore their Point Positive report with a coach certified in The Positive Method and Point Positive. The session focuses on unpacking their stories, drilling down to reveal and understand their impact strengths, resulting in the development an Impact Strengths Inventory and Statement.  

Completion of the debrief prepares participants to embark on the journey of transformation.


The Positive Method is focused on helping individuals transform their work and personal lives. We offer a guided journey, using Essentic tools, to help recipients experience positive emotions in the short term and then make sustained changes in behaviours that encourage the use of their impact strengths on a daily basis.

Essentic founding partner Professor Dan Cable’s research shows that organisations can activate what neuroscientists call our ‘seeking system’ using The Positive Method and create a more powerful, collaborative and engaged workforce.

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