Delivering powerful people with Essentic's Positive Method

The Positive Method™ is a strengths-based approach that is grounded in the science of positive psychology. There are four stages in The Positive Method:

Stage 1 - Point Positive

Our unique tool Point Positive is a bold, new way to look at learning, development, and strengths. Built on concrete research and evidence, Point Positive helps participants achieve a greater understanding of their distinctive impact strengths. Through a proven process of compiling stories from friends, relatives and colleagues, Essentic’s Point Positive distils who we are when we’re at our best.

Research has shown that Point Positive:

  • activates positive emotions which is energising and improves performance
  • increases innovation and experimentation, collaboration and creativity
  • activates the seeking system and makes people more powerful and purposeful
  • improves wellbeing and stress resilience
  • helps individuals align personal and professional purpose and fulfilment

Point Positive also provides a unique lens through which other psychometrics, tools and frameworks are enhanced. In addition to helping identify strengths, Point Positive provides an appreciation jolt which results in increased positivity and openness to data and feedback from other tools and frameworks.

Stage 2 - Individual debrief

Participants explore their Point Positive report with a coach certified in The Positive Method and Point Positive. The 1-to-1 debrief session focuses on unpacking their stories, drilling down to reveal and gain a deep understanding of their impact strengths, resulting in the development of an Impact Strengths Inventory and Statement.

Individual debriefs can be provided prior to or as a part of the group workshop. The debriefs facilitate a participant’s transition from the very emotional experience of the appreciation jolt to the cognitive evaluation and analysis of their impact strengths.

Stage 3 - Group debrief workshops

Group debrief workshops are tailored to align Point Positive learnings with desired organisational development outcomes. Debriefs are highly interactive and feature tools and methodologies that are rooted in positive leadership. Workshops include facilitator led input on cutting edge thinking and science, experiential elements, and small group discussions for rich appreciation and application of theory. 

Participants gain insights into their valued strengths and impact on others, building confidence and empowering them to leverage their strengths. Participants learn how to activate their seeking systems, leading to greater engagement and sense of purpose.

In the context of both the individual and group debriefs the Point Positive report provides a very real and tangible summary of what makes each participant unique, and creates a strong platform on which they can craft their working identity and align personal and professional purpose.

Stage 4 - Journey of Transformation

Building on the report, individual and group debriefs, Essentic takes participants on a guided journey to encourage them to leverage their learnings, use their unique impact strengths and maximise their potential. The transformation journey can include additional coaching sessions and experiential elements.





















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