Point Positive

There’s a bold, new way to assess and prepare your staff for the world of work.

It’s called Point Positive® – a tool designed by Essentic to identify an individual’s distinctive strengths and their most positive interactions with the people around them – in and out of the workplace. A tool built on concrete research and hard evidence. A tool that celebrates personal and professional assets.

When your staff are working to their strengths, they’re unstoppable – better collaborators, sharper problem solvers and innovation becomes commonplace – they’re also healthier and more relaxed. Positively motivated individuals stay with your organisation longer, whether they’re new hires or old hands – and your customers see that positivity too, so they’re much happier. There is untapped individual and corporate potential in your team.

Point Positive from Essentic is here to release that potential.




How it works

Point Positive is a completely automated assessment. Participants nominate contributors – their friends, relatives and colleagues – to take part by describing moments when the participant was at their best. At home, at play, in social situations or at work.   

The contributions can be submitted in multiple formats: written stories, videos or audio recordings. Our website then gathers these contributions and delivers them as an online report for the participant. Building on the Point Positive report, Essentic then takes the participant on a guided journey using tools that foster use of their unique strengths on a daily basis.

The Point Positive assessment is, in effect, just the beginning.



See our Evidence or read about all the benefits of The Positive Method


Increase leadership impact

Point Positive can offer leaders insights into their strengths, actions and behaviours that have a distinct and extraordinary impact on others. Along with job sculpting, the Point Positive report can help individuals to create work environments and activities that increase their ability to play to their strengths each day.


Raise staff retention levels beyond industry average

As the foundation for strengths-based performance appraisals, our Positive Method assessments can dramatically reduce employee turnover, increase motivation, facilitate staff development and improve employee engagement. 


Improve team dynamics

Point Positive can raise team cohesion, creativity and productivity. When other team members complete the profile, a participant has direct insights into what they value, as well as highlighting the strengths each member brings to the team. With appropriate debriefing, Point Positive can help team members get to know each other better and feel more authentic whilst working together. 



Promote a positive work culture

The Positive Method can help organisations create a workplace where employees are encouraged to recognise who they are when they’re at their best and then play to those strengths. Staff feel more comfortable being and investing more of themselves. Work feels like an opportunity for authentic self expression. 


We’d love to make a positive difference to your team