Enhance your skill set with certification in The Positive Method

Essentic’s positive methodology is a powerful experience that combines our strengths-based development tool Point Positive with a journey of transformation. Learn how you can help organisations release untapped potential and give individuals the evidence and confidence to become extraordinary.

Upon completion of the accreditation course, certified candidates will:

  • have first-hand knowledge and deep understanding of the Point Positive experience
  • be familiar with the science of positive psychology
  • understand Essentic’s Positive Method and benefits for organisations and individuals
  • have resources and experience in debriefing the Point Positive and coaching guides



To help prepare for the course, candidates will be asked to complete Point Positive and review and complete the reading of key works in positive psychology. 

Certification day

The Essentic certification programme is a highly interactive series of discussions, experiential elements and materials review.

Key elements of the certification day will include:

  • Point Positive report debrief session conducted by Essentic
  • Research review and discussion
  • Train the Trainer activities for debriefs in an organisational or individual setting
  • Coaching guides and peer coaching

Participants will be given the tools, experience and knowledge to be well versed in the applications and proven benefits of Essentic’s Positive Method for clients and individuals.

Interested in certification?

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